Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Failed a Test and it Made Me Mad!

My name is Marriah and I'm four days old. For the first time in my life I've failed a test, and I was angry.

I was feeling good in the morning, even with the low dose of PGE. The doctors decided to ween me from PGE all-together and by lunch time I was feeling pretty good for a while. What I didn't know whas I was taking a test.

The doctors wanted to see how my heart would behave without the medicine over the next day, or so. They set the targets for blood oxygen levels before the nurse should take various actions to help. The nurse watched me throughout the day. As afternoon came, I got more and more cranky, because I was feeling a little light headed.

The nurse increased my nasal oxygen dose, and used blow-by oxygen to try and help me pass the test. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to keep a passing score on blood oxygen saturation, even with the nurse trying to help.

By midnight I was feeling cranky from low saturation, which made me angry, which further lowered my saturation, which made me more angy, and so on. When the saturation got too low, it was clear to the doctor that I wasn't going to pass, this time.

The doctors put me back on PGE and I got much better very quickly. I spent the rest of the day, pretty uneventfully, but still asymilated into the Borg. They said they might let me try to take the test again in two more days, so I'll rest, and practice as much as I can.

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