Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Got No Strings...

My name is Marriah, I'm nine months old, and I was born with a broken heart. The surgeons have cancelled my open-heart surgery all-together; which means that my heart has developed better than anyone realistically thought it could.

I just returned form an appointment in Seattle with the surgeons. They had been planning on doing open heart surgery to expand and patch the Pulmanory Valve. Later, after a year or more, the surgeons thought that I might still need a Glenn. Well, the surgeons told me, today, that they couldn't do any better than what my broken heart has already done to adapt and heal itself. I still have a squidgy Pulmanory Valve, and diminished capcity from a Hypoplastic Right Heart, but it's capable enough that surgery is just as likely to cause more trouble than improve anything; so they cancelled surgery all-together, barring any major incidents. If I make it to age five without surgery at all, I will never need one.

In the mean time, I've learned to crawl, and eat in a high-chair. I can stand, too, as long as I brace myself on something; which I spend a fair portion of my day doing. I'm still growing, and learning, and doing all sorts of fun stuff. I get excited and speed crawl across the floor when daddy gets home after work. He usually scoops me up and flies me around the room for a bit, before dinner each night.

Mommy has been making 2000 cranes; 1000 for the health of her brother's first born, and then 1000 for my health. She never did get my 1000 done, but I think that her sacrifice of the first 1000 cranes for the health of another, even though I was at higher risk, just might have bought her a boon from heaven. Keep me in your prayers, I'm living, crawling (soon to be walking) proof that prayers are answered!